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If you are looking for professional, high-quality exterior sheet metal cladding panel installation in Vancouver, Sheet Metal Vancouver is the company you can trust. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and workmanship.

Due to their low steel consumption, quick and simple installation, and high level of industrial production, metal buildings are now frequently used in office buildings, exhibition halls, and workshop and warehouse buildings. It encouraged the growth of the metal cladding system, which went from singularity to diversification, stimulated a change in modern architecture, and eventually set up the metal building cladding panel.

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The wall and roof panels, daylighting panels, trim and flashing, gutter, and insulating cotton are the primary components of the metal cladding system of steel structural buildings. One of the key elements of a prefab metal structure building – the cladding system – defines the building's decorative appearance as well as its waterproofing and thermal insulation.



1. Categorizing the Metal Panel System

Metal Panels are classified as glass wool sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, EPS sandwich boards, GRC wallboards, and polyurethane (PU) sandwich boards.

It is divided into sandwich panels and on-site sandwich panels depending on the construction technique. Lapboard, bite board, and concealed board are the three types of on-site composite panel connection techniques. The materials include stainless steel profiled plates, aluminum alloy profiled plates, galvanized color steel sheets, and aluminized zinc color steel sheets.

2. Design Considerations

Thanks to their mature construction design and low processing cost, on-site composite panels are commonly used in metal structure buildings. With the 0.6mm and 0.5mm thick galvanized paint color sheet, the roof looks very colorful from a distance.

The discharge of rainwater on the roof is also affected by the roof slope. It must be 1/8 or 1/20 when being designed, and better values must be added to areas that receive heavy rainfall. Moreover, the roof slope must be aligned with the roof panel type. Typically, the slope is kept small when a hidden nail type panel is being used, and it is large when and the nail type of board is exposed.

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Using glue, sealant, and self-tapping screws, the daylighting sheet gets fixed. The daylighting panel position is specified in the span. Then we take extra care that the skylight sheet does not need to overlap if it is within the 12m limit. However, when it exceeds that limit, we make sure it overlaps. The length of the overlap is 200 to 400mm.

The longitudinal and latitudinal overlap of the daylighting sheet should be adjusted near the purlin. After the roof has been waterproofed, it must be coated with an internal sealant, and the surface of the sealing layer needs to be buffed to withstand aging. A colorless or white sealant gets used in the middle of the overlapped place.


You will need glass fiber, rock wool, as well as other materials to insulate the panels. The thermal insulation cotton has low thermal conductivity, it is energy saving, easy to install due to its design, and offers great thermal insulation. Currently, the steel structured roofs are mostly covering:

  1. Steel wire mesh with aluminum foil insulation cotton, with corrugated metal sheet, and

  2. Double-layered corrugated metal cladding with insulation cotton.


The process of sheet metal installation Vancouver is not a simple one, but our team has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. We start by working with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, and then we create a custom installation plan that considers all the factors involved in the process.

Once we have a plan in place, our team will get to work quickly and efficiently to install your new exterior cladding panels. We take great care to ensure that the panels are installed correctly and that they meet all of your expectations.

If you are looking for professional cladding installation in Vancouver, Contact Sheet Metal Vancouver today. We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and quote.

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ACM panels are used for facing facades, balconies, cornices, entrance groups of buildings, gas stations, road structures, interior decoration, vehicles, tunnels, manufacture of advertising elements, etc.

Aluminum composite panels are used in hinged ventilated facade systems for facing buildings of various levels of responsibility, degrees of fire resistance, and classes of structural and functional hazard. The panels have a multilayer structure. Two sheets of aluminum alloy (AMC 3003) are connected by a core made of polymer with a high content of flame retardants - additives that prevent combustion (80% or 75% depending on the selected material).

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ACM is applicable in low-rise private construction, interior design, and manufacture of advertising structures.

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